Wild Wadi Waterpark: Visitor Guide

Your summers in Dubai can’t be complete without visiting the famous Wild Wadi waterpark. This waterpark with its 30 amazing fun-filled rides offers you exactly what you need to make your summers memorable. This is because it has everything that a toddler or an adult may ask for. Be it a separate enjoyment park for children or thrilling rides for adrenaline-seeking guests. Wild Wadi water park promises you unlimited fun. Even if it includes just laying down by the poolside! With its lazy river and breaker’s bay ride you can just relax and enjoy the day. Or you may book a cabana for yourself and make the best of the day by relaxing.

But before you visit this adventure-filled place you need to look out for various things. We are here to help you with wild wadi waterpark essential tips, so you make the most of it.

Timings: When to visit?

Wild Wadi waterpark opens at 10 am and remains open till 6 pm, both on weekdays and weekends. Since, the rush is more during weekends so if you want your entry to be hassle-free, reach early. Also, some rides don’t allow guests after a certain time in the evening. just like Jumeirah Sceirah Ride, which closes the entry 45 minutes before the closing of the park. So plan your turns at wild wadi waterpark rides accordingly. 

Timings during the month of Ramadan change and the park is closed on Fridays. However, on regular Fridays, the park is kept open from 10 am to 10 pm. While on Thursdays they have special ladies’ night and the park closes at 6 pm. This is because the ladies’ night goes on till midnight and you can come along with your friends and enjoy a night out. You can even book cabanas here to make your stay a little longer and more relaxing.


Wild Wadi waterpark tickets are available at different rates, depending upon the height of the person. This height criterion is measured as above or below 1.1 meters. The rates and rides are based on height. The rates charged for online booking come with discounts.  While the same is for visa card holders, the ticket price is available at an amazing discount and offers. 

For example, for the guests of Jumeirah international hotels, entry is free. Also, for the people who visit the park during birthday months, bring along two people. And,  you’ll get your ticket free.

Swimwear policy:

At Wild Wadi waterpark, it is important to wear appropriate swimwear at all times. Since this waterpark offer rides for people of every age, swimwears are also available inside the park at retail stores. This should be noted that certain type of swimwear is not allowed inside the parks. And if worn, it may end up making it difficult for you.

Check out below, what not to wear inside wild wadi waterpark:

  • Transparent bathing suits
  • Underwear
  • Long flowing dresses and street clothes
  • Shorts with protruding accessories on the back like rivets, wetsuits
  • Long jewelry
  • The swimsuit shouldn’t have any metal buckles, zippers, buttons, or snaps. this is because they could potentially damage the slides or hurt fellow swimmers.
  • Regular diapers are not allowed for kids. But you can buy special swim diapers from the shop in the park 
  • Spectacles are not allowed while using the rides. This includes sunglasses or eyeglasses. As an alternative, you can buy lanyards from the store for AED 5.
  • Women are allowed to wear Burkinis(special swimwear for women with hijab for Muslim women). And no issues if not brought along. You can it here from retail stores.

Precautions to take:

  • You’ll have to wear the swimming costumes every time, and won’t be allowed without one
  • Pregnant women, differently-abled people, and people with heart/ back conditions are advised not to go for scary rides 
  • No eatables/drinks are allowed inside the park. You can carry a water bottle along. Worry not about food, you’ll have various food options there.
  • Lifeguards will always be there to help you out, provided you follow their instructions at all times.
  • Parents must accompany their kids below 13 years at all rides.

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