Wild Wadi Waterpark Best Rides: Enjoy tallest Jumeirah Sceirah

Who doesn’t love rides? We all do. And what fun it would be, in summers, if they are the Wild Wadi waterpark rides. Located in Dubai near the famous Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi waterpark gives you everything that you’ll ask for an amazing summer holiday. It makes sure to welcome people of every age with its amazing, fun-filled 30 rides. These will surely make your vacation exciting and give you a boost of adrenaline rush.

Being built around the theme of the famous Juha, an Arabian folklore character, it offers everything you can ask for in a waterpark. Now, if you want to rest along the poolside or want to explore your inner child, you can do any and everything here. This makes it the favorite destination of not only children but is also loved by their parents. So, get yourself wild wadi waterpark tickets and enjoy the day here. Let’s take a look at all the wild wadi waterpark best rides you can enjoy along with your family and friends.

Children Special:

For children, there is a separate themed play area featuring shallow waters. This area is Lagoon and Juha’s Dhow which offers a full day of enjoyment with over 100 water activities. This includes slides, sprinklers, water guns, buckets, and many more. It is the perfect place for little ones. Worrying about the safety of children? Wild Wadi water park got you. Here, you’ll find internationally certified lifeguards and attendants, to help out children in any case. So, you can keep your worry aside and let the children enjoy their day.

For a Relaxing experience at Wild Wadi waterpark Rides

Lazy River

Now if you are in no mood to go hopping from one water ride to another and just want to chill. Guess what? The wild wadi water park has a special place for you as well. The 360 meters long Lazy river takes you across the park. You can take a break from thrilling rides and just lie in a single or double-seater tube and glide down the river.  Just lie there and float. It is best for younger guests or if you want to spend family time together.

Breaker’s Bay

The other is the Breaker’s bay. One of the Wild Wadi parks rides that’s suitable for all ages. It is the largest wave pool in the middle east and makes you relax after a long day at the water park riding thrill. So, you can go up and down and enjoy the views of Burj al Arab and the waterpark by just lying there.

For those who love thrill:

Jumeirah Sceirah

Recently revamped, this is the ultimate ride for adrenaline seekers. Now longer and scarier, it is the center of attraction among various wild wadi waterpark rides. With its two tandem slides, a partner along with you will surely add to the fun. So, you and your friend first climb the 32meter tower where two capsules await you. You get into the capsule, cross your legs and arms as the door of the capsule closes, and the countdown starts.

And then there you are with the feeling of anticipation rushing through, But before you know it, the floor beneath you opens and there you are on a journey of 120-meter slide at speed of 80km/h! In just a matter of seconds, you cover the whole way down with a rush of excitement.

Remember to try this slide early out of all, as due to its popularity it has a long queue and you might have to wait for long. Guests must note that the height allowed in this ride is above 1.1meter and weight not above 300 pounds. Also, note that this closes 45 minutes before the closing time of the park.

Tantrum Alley

It’s a four-seater water ride where you enter the massive tornado, spinning and screaming. Its route includes two amazing fun-filled slides and three massive tornadoes. This is great fun with a bunch of friends and people above a height of 1.1 meters. And is surely not for the faint heart. As here you’ll slide back and forth with water splashes, and circle the eye of the storm. This is accompanied by second and third tornadoes with growing excitement. And then finally, you’ll splash into the pool with a pounding heart.

Remember to hold on tight to the safety bands of the tier. Also note that you can enjoy the ride either with four or two of your friends, ensuring the total weight doesn’t exceed 650 pounds.

Burj Surj

This wild wadi waterpark ride is great fun with the family. It consists of two large downhill waterslides and the looming bowl. While seated in its four-seater rubber ring, you’ll be hurriedly down the slides to the bowl. Further, rushed into two spiraling spins and then dropped into the slide ending with a splash in the pool. So, people who can brave the twists and turn it has to offer must try this.

Points to be noted: to enjoy this ride you must be taller than 1.1 meters. Also, since this ride can be enjoyed by up to 5 people, thus, the combined weight must not exceed 365 kg.

Master Blaster

Now, if you are looking for roller coaster rides, that jet you off into the air and make you defy gravity. Then master blaster rides are there for you.  You can start your journey of an aquatic roller coaster from white water wadi or Flood River Flyer and ride through all other Master Blasters. The other master blaster rides include around 10 rides that include: Flying Falls, Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos’N Hurler, Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, Rushing Rapids, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher, and the Tunnel of Doom.

Since this ride is going to throw you up at a height of 15metres above ground level, so children need parents to accompany them. The weight for a single ring must not exceed 120 kgs while for a double rig maximum limit is 180 kg. Keeping safety in view, children of height>1.1meter but weight less than 50kg should be accompanied by another person in a double ring.

Wipe out and Riptide

For the people with surfing experience, you can try your hand at these flow riders. One of the only four in the world, this Wipeout Ride is a blast. With around seven tonnes of water shooted per second in a thin sheet across mold foam, it produces the realistic wave effect. Further, making it ideal for body-boarding and knee-boarding. This ride gives you the ultimate surfing experience. So, if you want to enjoy it, remember people above 1.1 meters in height are only allowed.

Action River

As the name suggests, this ride comes with the thrilling action of unannounced surges of 100,000 liters of water. The experience of sudden river rapids and the waves over 1 meter high is available to people of all age groups. however, children must be accompanied by their parents.

Final word:

Wild Wadi waterpark is a great destination for people looking out for a thrill along with a relaxing time. as this place offers you both. The electrifying experience that it offers with its thrilling rides is a must to go for. You can visit this park on weekends as well as on weekdays between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and enjoy a whole day out. Don’t forget to check out the amazing offers you can avail yourself of before visiting it.

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