Top 3 Breathtaking Visayas Tourist Spots in Philippines

The Philippines, a tropical island country in Southeast Asia, offers rich wildlife and unparalleled scenic beauty. It consists of around 7,614 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Visayas, also called Bisayas, an island group in the central Philippines, is the most visited tourist spot out of the three. It is a group of seven large and several smaller islands around the Visayan, Samar, and Camotes seas. If planning a visit to witness beaches, rivers, mountains, and nature from close then the Visayas is just the right spot for you. We have curated the list of the top 5 Visayas tourist spots you just cannot miss.

Best time to visit the Visayas tourist spots

Now before you visit here it is important to know the time where you can make most of your trip. Since it is an island, so the average temperature varies very little. The regular land and sea breeze keep the place warm throughout the year accompanied by frequent rain. Hence summer’s visit here can be sweaty and itchy. However, winters in the Visayas are warm and have less rainfall.

This further makes the months between December and February the best time to visit the Visayas. However, winters are also the time that sees a huge crowd of tourists in January. September and May follow the list with June being the least crowded month.

January is also the best time to enjoy famous festivals like Sinulog-Santo Niño and Ati-Atihan. The Ati-Atihan goes on for seven days and witnesses people indulging in street dancing, colorful costumes, and some amazing delicacies.

Top 3 Visayas tourists spot in the Philippines

Chocolate hills:

We all have dreamt of getting lost in chocolate hills enjoy the whole day there. Chocolate hills in the Visayas through don’t promise you chocolate but will surely make you feel like your dream coming true. Located on the island of Bohol, this is a top tourist destination in the Philippines.

It is even declared the country’s third National geological monument. The green grass here turns brown during the dry season making around 1200 hills look covered in chocolate. While in the rainy season these hills get a lush green appearance, making them perfect for taking photographs.

Hinagdanan Cave 

Another spot in Bohol that you just can’t miss is Hinagdanan cave. Located in Dauis, this cave features crystal clear water under stalactites and stalagmites. You can swim here or just relax under the soothing sun rays peeking through holes in the ceiling.

This cave is made up of limestone and features beautiful stalactites and stalagmites structures. With an entrance hole of about 1-meter diameter, this underground lake is a popular swimming spot. The entrance fee to this place is 50 pesos with 20 pesos as additional parking fees.

Boracay Island

Located in Malay, Aklan, this is the best place to witness powdery white sand and clear blue waters in the Visayas. You can indulge in snorkeling, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and kiteboarding and have the most relaxed and rejuvenating experience in summer vacations. This island has mostly consisted of an agricultural community with people indulged in copra and fishing as major businesses. And now it has become a tourism hub and the favorite destination for the local Filipinos making it the best island in the world.

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