Travel Packing Tips: Essential Suitcase Packing Tips and Hacks

Going on a vacation could be one of the most fun things. It is all good unless you’re unable to fit and cram your favorite outfits or pieces into your suitcase. Whether you’re someone who packs at the last minute or starts early, deciding what to pack will often give you anxiety. Here we will highlight some essential travel packing tips that will ensure you have plenty of space for miscellaneous items. Keep reading for some easy suitcase packing tips and hacks to help you travel like a pro.

Travel Packing Tips You Must Follow

travel packing tips

Make a list

Many people just directly jump into the packing and then later realize that they have forgotten to pack the essentials. To prevent this, you must start by preparing a list of items that you want to pack. You should also keep a list of items that aren’t necessary, but you would love to pack if you get extra space in the suitcase. Review your list and take out the items that are on your list.

travel packing tips

Check the airline’s baggage fee policy

Before you start packing, it makes sense to check the airline’s baggage fee policy. It will help you understand the dimensions and the number of things you can pack. Airport checks can be frustrating. If your baggage doesn’t meet the airline’s guidelines, you may have to wait extra time and pay additional charges for the same. You must also keep a check on the quality of the bag. Ensure that the bag is of sturdy and quality material. Add a unique tag to your luggage to make it recognizable.

travel packing tips

Roll your clothes – Pack them first

Clothes are essential and you should always consider packing them first. Instead of folding, roll your clothes. It will not just save space, but will also prevent creases. It is one of the best suitcase packing tips that can help you pack like a pro. Consider planning your vacation wardrobe in advance to ensure you are packing the right things. Keep the first outfit that you want to wear on the top.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are definitely a game-changer for travel enthusiasts. It will not only save space, but will help you stay organized. You can organize different types of items in different cubes, which will make it much easier for you to stack them neatly in your luggage.

Pack your absolute essentials and one outfit in carry-on

Carry-on luggage is a piece of luggage that passengers can carry along in the passenger compartment. You must consider packing your absolute essentials and one outfit in your carry-on. Check the airline’s guidelines for carry-on luggage before you start packing.

Closable bag for Dirty laundry

Carry one closable bag for dirty laundry so that you can pack the dirty clothes separately. Besides, you should always consider carrying extra bags for safety purposes.

suitcase packing tips

Keep liquids in a separate bag

Many of you may already know this. To remind others, we have included this in our travel packing tips. Consider packing the liquid items separately. You can pack them in your carry-on baggage.

Pack mini-versions

Be it lipsticks, or lotion, consider buying travel-sized bottles. It will not only save some space, but will be much easier to carry around during your vacation.

Packing for winter wear

Rather than packing chunky sweaters and puffy jackets, we would recommend you add more layering and warmers. It will also help you pack light.

Pack heaviest items at the bottom

Most people forget this and that is why we have added this to our travel packing tips. Make sure that you pack the heavy items at the bottom. It will help prevent the suitcase from randomly toppling over.

Garment steamer travel

Take a garment steamer

No matter how much you try, there might be some wrinkles and creases on your outfits. It’d be better to pack a garment steamer just to be on the safe side. You can also pack a mini iron, if you don’t have a garment steamer iron.

Carry a reusable water bottle

You can keep it empty during the checks through airport security. After that, you can fill in the water bottle to stay hydrated. Instead of buying plastic bottles, it will be better if you carry a reusable water bottle. A water bottle will always be handy, no matter which part of the world you’re traveling to.

suitcase packing tips

Never pack things “just in case”

There is no need to add extra items that you might need just in case. If you are not sure, it would be better to leave that item back at home. This mentality will only increase the amount of items in your luggage.

Don’t forget to leave some extra space

You can’t afford to have zero space in your suitcase. If you are traveling, you are eventually going to buy something. Therefore, you must leave some extra space in your luggage so that you can fit in the new pieces later.

Final Thoughts

One extra tip that we would like to give is, to make sure that you carry an extra pen in all your bags. You never know when you might have to sign any document at the airport or anywhere else. It will be ideal to carry a pen in different bags. We hope these travel packing tips and suitcase packing tips make your packing hassle much easier. Follow this guide and get rid of that anxiety about what to pack and what not to pack. Start by preparing a list of all items you’d need and make sure you leave some space in your luggage. Keep following us for more such tips and tricks.

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