Top 5 Safest Caribbean Islands to Visit in 2022

Want to visit an island that is safe and offers you the perfect weather to get soaked in sun? Then Caribbean islands are your answer. This place enjoys hot, tropical climates all around the year with av. day temperature of 28 degrees celsius. Further making it best suited for people looking forward for laying near beach and relaxing. While a visit to any Caribbean island will be filled with adventure and enjoyment, we have made you a list of the top 7 safest Caribbean islands to visit in your vacations. 


So pack your bags and make a list of things you will want to put a tick on, after visiting the lovely beaches. Also, check out here for your beach bag essentials, so you make the best of your vacation.

List of Safest Caribbean islands you can visit in 2022



This island, away from crowded and bustling beaches offers the perfect spot for white sand beach lovers. It lets you enjoy the cool breeze and warm sun with moderate temperature all around the year. This African majority place is inhabited by as low as 15000 individuals who are friendly and very welcoming to the visitors. When here, don’t forget to visit innumerable coves that can be reached by boat and try your hand at various water activities near the marine park.

The US Department of State reports low crime rates in Anguilla and even the UN Office of Drugs and Crime has listed this place among the safest Caribbean islands.

Some of the famous places to visit are Shola beach, Stone Bay Marine park, Island harbor along with its various dive sites, and much more. 


Considered one of the safest Caribbean islands, Barbados strikes the perfect balance between luxurious and laid-back places. Each year this British commonwealth nation welcomes 1 million visitors making tourism play a major part in the country’s economy. This place is famous for its aquamarine waters, soft sands, underground caves, tropical gardens, and antique British heritage.  

Located in the Atlantic ocean near lesser Antilles, it is the most easterly of all the Caribbean islands and promises an exhilarating experience to each of its visitors. But remember to beware of monkeys here as it is one of the few Caribbean islands to have them. Also, do not wear camouflaged clothing as it is illegal there.


Aruba is one of the four countries that make up the kingdom of Netherlands in the lesser Antilles. This dutch territory promises you pleasant weather each day, with temperatures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. With all of its natural beauty, it also offers access to games and casinos that you just can’t miss. Its south and west coasts are dominated by white sandy beaches while it has a  desert area at its heart you can explore.

In terms of personal safety, we would say that the people here are very welcoming and hospitable. Hence, you will feel at home here. But remember to take sensible precautions like not leaving your belongings in the vehicle and not taking valuables to the beach. Some of the places you can include in your to-do list are Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Oranjestad port, and Caya G.F. (Betico) Croes. 

The cayman islands

When talking about the safest Caribbean islands, the mention of this British overseas territory has to be made. It consists of 3 islands in the western Caribbean sea with Grand Cayman as the largest. This particular island is known for its resorts, varied scuba diving, and snorkeling sites. The other island Cayman Brac is popularly used for deep-sea fishing. hence, carrying your fishing gear along with gives you a chance to try your chance. The third one, little cayman, is best for wildlife lovers. You can find varied wildlife here from endangered iguanas to different seabirds. 

Cayman Island is widely known as a financial haven for wealthy individuals and regarded as the favorite destination in terms of serenity and safety. It offers amazing places and things you can explore to enjoy your time there. These may include rum cakes, underwater statues, a seven-mile beach, and animal farms.

Turks and Caicos

In the list of safest Caribbean islands, the next is Turks and Caicos Island with its soft sandy beaches. The region’s rainfall is low compared to other islands found nearby. This British territory comprises 40 tiny coral islands only some of which are inhabited by less than 50,000 people. It is the ultimate destination for snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts looking for thriving marine life.

About safety here, we would say that though the crime rate is really low, keep your eyes open while out of the hotel. Also, avoid isolated or illlit spots, and when going out leave your trip details with a friend or hotel receptionist.

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