Best Tips to Visit Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an island of Bali in Indonesia, comprising of 12 smaller islands. It is the favorite place of all nature lovers and those who love exploring the local culture. Being a tropical site, it offers a wide variety of flora and fauna with breathtaking views. Nusa Penida is best known for its famous soft white sand Kelingking beach, on its southwestern coast. It could be a little challenging to reach down this beach, as the path is old and slippery. But once you reach the Kelingking beach in Nusa Penida, we assure you the best time of your life.

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Time and Entrance Fee to the Kleingking Beach

The best time to reach Kelingking beach in Nusa Penida is during the early hours to avoid the crowd and take pictures without the rush. You can reach there by 7 am and start your journey down to the beach.  If you have other plans in the morning, then visit this place late in the afternoon. By doing this you can even enjoy the amazing sunset.

This place is best visited between April and November. These months are generally dry. While between December and March, Bali experiences a heavy monsoon and you don’t want the slippery floor.

The entrance fee to this place is 10,000 IDR and for parking, it is 5,000 IDR(Indonesian Rupiah). We suggest you carry some cash before you come here.

How to reach Kelingking beach in Nusa Penida ?

As mentioned above, this is a task, an ultimate one. You have to climb down a super steep sand path, with wooden stairs at some places, secured with bamboo fencing. Since this is not so well maintained, so prepare yourself to find broken fencing and uneven ground at some sites. The complete hike down the beach takes about 40 to 50 minutes and up from the beach can take 120 to 180 minutes. It all depends on your walking speed so we suggest you not underestimate it.

The Kelingking Beach Viewpoint

The viewpoint from the is more famous than the beach itself. Kelingking translated in English means pinkie, a term we use to refer small finger on the hand. It is because from this viewpoint rocks appear in the shape of the small finger. Isn’t it amazing? 

You can reach Nusa Penida by boat from Sanur and can use a bike or scooter to reach the viewpoint by road. Its 200-meter high drop offers you mesmerizing view of white sand surrounded by limestone rock structures reaching out into the Indian ocean. This structure looks like a T-Rex head at the left of the bay and tail and body wrapped to the right. Some tips to get the content for your Instagram:

  • This place is surely a spot for clicking some staggering sunset and sunrise pictures. We won’t be wrong to say, it is heaven for Photography and sunset lovers.
  • Before you start your journey down the cliff, make sure to take your picture on the flat piece of concrete. You’ll easily find this spot as there are generally tourists waiting in queue to get their chance.

  • There’s another secret spot to click pictures that many don’t know. It can be accessed from the back of the entrance, then moving behind the cafes and restaurants all way up the hill. Since not many tourists know about this, you’ll find this spot with less crowd.

The Kleingking beach

After the long stretch of hard work, you are welcomed by white sand, turquoise water, and huge limestone structures on the beach. The view from every angle here is incredible and serves best to take photographs. It is completely surrounded by high cliffs and you can find some shady places to lay down in the afternoon.

Based on tide levels, you can enter the waters and enjoy during hot summers. But avoid visiting the beach during sunset as the high waves can toss you up.

Tips for Kelingking Beach hike:

  1. Make sure you carry a 1-3L water bottle to keep yourself hydrated while you sweat moving down and up that steep path.
  2. Don’t even think about going barefoot or wearing slippers for a hike on this path. The path is slippery and crowded and you don’t want to trip. So, wear runners or hiking shoes or any shoes with good grip.
  3. The sun could be really intense during the afternoons so take sunscreen as well.
  4.  Head down in the morning as early as possible to avoid the crowd and heat of the day.
  5. Last but not the least, keep your camera, as though the path is challenging, the view from the top is breathtaking.

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