Explore breathtaking Tanay Rizal tourist spots in Manila

Thinking about spending your vacation near nature lap away from the city’s noise? Then Tanay in the Rizal district of Manila is the best place for you. It has everything to offer to nature lovers. And with the same enthusiasm, it welcomes adventure seekers to explore hiking trails, camping grounds, caves, and various summits. Located in eastern Manila, Tanay Rizal tourist spots are famous for mountains with thick forests, waterfalls, and breathtaking scenic views like the Sierra Madre Mountain range.

Not only this but this place also has many cultural and historical sites. One of which is San Ildefonso de Toledo Church also called Tanay church which has a Renaissance-style façade. Tanay has some beautiful places to chill with friends and family like Ten cents to heaven leisure camp. Also, if planning a date night with that special one, then cozy cafes and restaurants are waiting for you here.

Tanay Rizal tourist spots to explore

Daranak falls:

Daranak Falls is the most famous of Tanay Rizal tourist spots in Manila with a 15m high wooden bridge offering a beautiful view.  It’s best visited in the summer season when you can take a splash into streaming waters and enjoy a picnic.

Located at the foot of densely forested Tanay mountains, this place features rivers, ponds, and a huge pool. You can expect it to be crowded during weekends and summers as local tourists also take over.

Points to remember:
  • Note that pets, alcoholic beverage ad plastic is not allowed here.
  • You can get picnic sheds and tables for rent easily. It costs P200 for one table, enough for 6 people. And P300 for renting a shed.
  • It opens between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm seven days a week. The timings may change without prior notice, mostly for maintenance and cleaning.
  • The entrance fee is P50 per person, while for children below 3ft it is free.

Mt. Daraitan: A must visit Tanay Rizal Tourist Spot

If you are searching for a memorable hiking experience, then Mt. Daraitan of the Sierra Madre Mountain range is the best place to explore. This site is ideal for both beginners and experienced trekkers. With a height of 739 meters above sea level, it takes about 4 to 8 hours of back-and-forth trekking along which you can enjoy the spectacular views.

This place has two peaks, the heart peak, and a 4-hour trek summit. The heart peak is a 1-hour trek depending on your pace with breathtaking views. The tinipak river appears mesmerizing from the top and you are allowed to swim here. You can also find limestone rock formations along the way worthy of taking photographs.

This trip is organized by the local government and starts with a small orientation at Barangay Hall. You need to register your group here and are assigned a guide. It is done to ensure travelers’ safety while crossing challenging trials in lush forests.

Points to remember:
  • Camping is allowed.
  • There is a limited number of people allowed per day which is 300 hikers. So, try making it on time.
  • You can hire a tricycle at P500, to take you from Tanay town center to Daraitan’s Barangay Hall.
  • The registration fee is P20 per person for the day hike. The guide fee is P500 per group for a day hike and P1250 per group for an overnight hike or camping.
  • Take this trip early in the morning to avoid scorching hot at noon/afternoon.

Calinawan Cave

As stated above, Tanay is also famous for cave explorations. One of such is Calinawan cave in Barangay Tandang, 20  minutes drive from Daranak falls. This place serves both adventure and history seekers. Its name is derived from the Filipino word “linaw” which came from Japanese and American soldiers resolving their disputes inside the cave. This is because it served as a shelter for Filipino soldiers during World War II.

This multi-level cave system has multiple gates and chambers with remarkable rock formations. The first two levels are easier and have some great formations. While the succeeding levels require crawling, scrambling, and, moving through tight spaces. It is believed that this place was a secret meeting point of revolutionary katipuneros. With such a level of history associated with the place, it is best explored with a guide.

Points to remember:
  • Succeeding levels are more challenging on wet grounds. Ensure to wear comfortable footwear and carry extra clothing.
  • Carry torch along.
  • The cave remains open from 6:00 am till 5:30 pm, all around the week.
  • The entrance ticket per person is P50. The guide fee starts at P200 and can change based on the group’s size.

Treasure mountain

If you’ve always wanted to experience the lovely view of clouds bed, then this is the place. As said by many it is the pride of Tanay offering a spectacular view of rock formations and wide mountains. This is best visited during the day for hike tours or for overnight camping to catch the cloud formations.

You can easily get a cottage for day rental at P350 – P550 or a tent rental at P500 – P800 for a night stay. Try to choose the best spot from several viewpoints that are available inside the camp. There are rock formations and cliffs, trying on which you need to be careful of as they can be slippery and sharp.

There are various activities to try on like rope courses within the campsite, ATV riding, or try swimming. You can even bring your tent and food inside the place. The corkage fee for food is P350 and for one alcohol bottle, it is P50.

Points to remember:
  • This place is open between 5 am and 3 pm daily. For overnight, the check-in time is from 4 pm to 8 pm, and the check-out time is 1 pm the next day. Arrive early between 5 am and 8 am, to witness the sea of clouds.
  • Pack your warm clothes and jackets as the weather there is usually chilly.
  • You can find restrooms and a small restaurant near the entrance.
  • The entrance fee is P150/person for a day tour and P200 for an overnight stay. if you forget to bring a sleeping mat, no worries it is available here at P200.



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