How to book Sacramento Airport Parking? Price, Ultimate Guide

Sacramento Airport also referred to as SMF serves Greater Sacramento Area in California, US. It is 10. 5 miles northwest downtown of Sacramento county and is the main gateway to the California State Capitol. Located at  10801 Airport Blvd, Sacramento, TX 79111, SMF is one of the busiest airports in the California region. Hence, finding a parking spot could be a little difficult on peak days. Here’s our Sacramento Airport Parking guide to help you find the spot easily and park in less time. Also, check our other parking guides.

Is SMF airport parking available for online booking?

No, Sacramento airport parking cannot be pre-booked. All lots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a lot fills, then the customer must select an alternate lot. To avoid the last-minute hassle, please arrive early to allow time to park in an alternate lot if necessary.

Sacramento Airport Parking spaces:

SMF airport offers majorly four parking spaces with long-term and short-term parking options starting from $4/hour. Two of the lots are near the terminal, while from the daily and economy lot you’ll need to use a shuttle service that runs every 25-30 minutes. Here is a brief description of the lots:

Hourly parking:
  • It is close to terminal B.
  • Hourly parking is designated for short stays.
  • Shuttle is not provided from here.
Parking garage:
  • It provides covered parking for Terminals A & B.
  • Walk to terminal A from the 3rd
  • Walk to terminal B from the 5th
  • Reservations are not available for the parking garage.
  • Parking Spots are available on a first-come, first-Served basis.
  • Shuttle service is not provided.
  • EV charging stations are available.
  • Vehicle clearance is 8’2’’.
Daily lot:
  • Located in front of the entrance to the garage on Airport Boulevard.
  • Complimentary shuttle service is provided every 15-20 minutes interval.
  • Reservations are not available.
  • EV charging stations are available.
East economy parking lot:
  • Payment to this parking space is only by credit/debit card.
  • Shuttle service to and from the terminals is complimentary and runs at 25-30 minutes intervals.
  • This is farthest from the terminals and there is no walking path.
  • Plan your airport arrival time accordingly as it may take 60 minutes from the time you park until the time you reach the terminal.
West economy parking lot:
  • It is pre-pay by the license plate and hence, there is no parking count for this parking lot.
  • Free shuttle service every 25-30 minutes is provided.

Sacramento Airport Parking prices:

Long-term prices:
Parking Area Price (per day)
Hourly parking- terminal B $29
Parking garage- Terminal A & B $18
Daily lot $12
Economy parking $10
Short-term parking:
Parking Area Price (per hour)
Hourly parking $4
Parking garage $4
Daily lot $4
Economy parking $4

Important Tips for parking at Sacramento airport:

  • In all SMF parking lots, cash is no longer accepted at cashier booths. If you want to pay with cash, you’ll need to pay at a pay-on-foot self-service kiosk in the parking garage and outside Door 1 at terminal B.
  • For passengers of Terminal A, cash payment kiosks are on level 1 in lobbies C and D and on level 3 in lobby C in the parking garage.
  • For terminal B passengers, cash payment kiosks are on level 5 in lobby C of the parking garage and outside Door 1 at the crosswalk to the hourly lot.
  • Use of EV charging stations is free and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Vehicles more than 21 feet long are charged double the rates.
  • Remove all the valuables from the vehicle before heading to the terminal.
  • If you plan to park your vehicle for more than three weeks, please call 916.874.0825 or visit

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