How to Book Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Parking? Price, Ultimate Guide

Phoenix Sky Harbor is one of the largest and busiest airports in Arizona and ranks among the largest commercial airport in the USA. According to the statistics, in 2019 it served nearly 46.3 million travelers. This proves why it is the 44th busiest airport in the world. Finding a safe and convenient space for parking in such a crowded place can be a hassle. And it becomes even more difficult and expensive if not planned. Here’s our guide with prices to help you book Sky Harbor Airport parking in advance and enjoy your travel. Also, check out our ultimate tips for first-time flyers.

How you can book Sky Harbor Airport parking?

Phoenix sky harbor has a total of three terminals T2, T3, and T4 with parking facilities available at each one of them. These terminals are divided into multiple zones A, B, and C, offering economy and garage, covered or uncovered facilities. Parking reservations can be done online either six months or 2 days before and offline as well.

For online booking, just visit and simply scan the QR code on the mobile device or printed reservation, upon entrance and exit to the parking. By booking online you can change the reservations or cancel them 24 hours before, all at your convenience. We recommend you park your vehicle near the place where your airline is flying from. To find yourself a suitable spot, visit If unable to figure it out yourself, you can call 24/7 consumer support at 602-273-4545 for a booking.

For offline booking, phoenix airport provides you with the credit card express service. It is an easy and fast alternative for parking and paying. When entering our parking facilities, insert your credit/debit card into the machine. No ticket will be issued as the system will store your information. Park at any available space and enjoy your trip. Pay only when you return to the parking by simply inserting the same credit/debit card. The system will generate the bill depending on the time vehicle was parked. Remember that Credit Card Express accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Sky Harbor Airport Parking Prices

Depending upon your terminal, you can get multiple options for parking as mentioned above. The parking rate for all of the lots is $4/hour if looking for short-term parking. These are few while there are parking lots that allow you to park your vehicle for days on a long-term basis. Let us look at the prices of both types of parking.

For Long-term parking:

Parking lot Price(per day)
West Economy Garage $16
West Economy Park and Walk $9
Terminal 3 Garage $30
Terminal 4 Garage $30
East Economy Garages A & B $16
East Economy Lot (Uncovered) $14

Looking for Short-term parking?

Parking lot Price
West Economy Garage $4/hour
West Economy Park and Walk $4/hour
Terminal 3 Garage $4/hour
Terminal 4 Garage $4/hour
East Economy Garages A & B $4/hour
East Economy Lot (Uncovered) $4/hour
44th St. PHX Sky Train® Station – Parking Meters $4/hour

Parking off-airport site:

If you find these charges very expensive, guess what? You have the option to look the other way. You can save money on long-term parking by parking your vehicle at a private lot at as low as $5 to $12 per day. You’ll find a range of options to choose from including covered/  uncovered and can save even more by pre-booking at some of the lots. These lots also provide a free shuttle service 24/7 to your terminal parking lot. Hence making the shifting of luggage hassle-free. The weekly rate of these lots starts from $55.70 Few to mention are:

Name  Address Contact
PreFlight Airport Parking 44 North 44th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Blue Sky by the Parking Spot 3025 S. 48th St

Phoenix, AZ 85040

The Parking Spot 1 3750 East Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

The Parking Spot 2 4040 East Van Buren Street

Phoenix, AZ 85008

Sundance Airport Parking 215 North 40th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85034

Howard Johnson (PHX) 4120 East Van Buren Street Phoenix, Arizona 602-275-5746/ 602-273-7007

Sky Harbor Airport Parking guide:

Finding that perfect spot for your vehicle at the parking can be tiresome. But with the correct guidance and information, the hassle can be reduced. Some of the tips you can follow are:

Find ease with PHX Sky Train:

These are designed for travelers with luggage. Trains arrive and depart every 3-5 minutes and operate 24 hours a day. Ride the free PHX Sky Train to the terminals and walk to your gate.

If looking for East Economy uncovered parking and Economy Garages A & B, you can follow the signs to the East Economy Lot and take this PHX Sky Train to Terminals 3 and 4.

Always Remember the Spot:

When parking at the Terminals, you can walk directly to ticketing or the gate. But if you feel you’ll forget the spot, so look for a sign at the bus stop and scan the QR Code with your smartphone. This will send a text or email reminder of where you parked.

Use EV charging stations:

Now, this is what you’ll not find generally in other airports. But sky harbor airport parking ensured an electric vehicle parking station for people with electric vehicles. These are available in Terminal 4 Parking Garage (Level 4 on the East End) and Terminal 3 Parking Garage (Level 1 on the West Side).

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