How to Book Parking at Pittsburgh Airport? Price, Ultimate Guide

Pittsburgh international airport formerly called Greater Pittsburgh international airport primarily serves Pittsburgh metropolitan area and its adjacent West Virginia and Ohio. It is a civil-military international airport in Finland township and moon township, Pennsylvania, US. In 2021, PIT airport became the first in the world to operate with its microgrid, which provides power to the entire airport. A Hyatt regency hotel is located onsite and directly connected to the landside terminal via a moving walkway.  Here is your guide for convenient parking at Pittsburgh airport. You can see our other airport parking guides as well here.

How to book parking at Pittsburgh airport?

Parking at the PIT airport can be made online or on arrival as well. You can reserve the spot 12 months before your travel date and as late as 24 hours before arrival. And for the gold key lot, you can book your parking space just 2 hours before the scheduled arrival.  You may also cancel the booking 48 hours before the scheduled arrival free of cost, after which there is a charge of $10.

For online booking visit and start by entering the details of entry and exit time and date. Fill in your details and make payment. Confirmation will be sent to your email. For further queries, you may write to

Pittsburgh airport Parking spaces:

Pittsburgh airport parking offers majorly five parking options. You get three options for long-term parking, starting at free for the first hour. While the short-term parking starts at $4 per hour. The additional services consist of accessible parking and a total of 16 Electric Vehicle charging stations. There is also a cell phone waiting area in the long-term parking lot, Convenient for dropping off and picking up passengers. Below is a small description of parking areas and the services they offer:

Economy lot:

  • This lot is ideal for people looking for budget parking.
  • 10-minute walk to the moving walkway
  • There is no shuttle service from here.
  • Accessible parking is available.
  • Gasoline station is available nearby exit.

Long-term parking:

  • Provides direct access to the Transit level.
  • No shuttle service from here.
  • Built-in Cell phone lot.
  • 5-minute walk to the moving walkway.
  • Seven accessible parking options.

Short-term Garage:

  • Ideal for parking for less than 24 hours.
  • Direct access to transit level.
  • Located very near to landside terminal.
  • 3–5-minute walk to the terminal.

Extended parking:

  • Free shuttle service to and from the terminal.
  • The shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes.
  • Delivers you to the ticketing level of the landside terminal.

Gold key parking lot:

  • Perfect for monthly leases.
  • Daily parking is available through PIT’s reserved parking.
  • Can pre-book it as late as 2 hours before your arrival.
  • Make first right before baggage claim and another right to the lot.

Parking at Pittsburgh Airport Prices:

Parking at Pittsburgh airport starts at as low as $3 per 30 minutes for long-term parking, with the free first hour. The daily maximum is calculated on a 24-hour basis with additional hours charged at an hourly rate.

The gold key parking lot also offers you monthly parking t $300 per month along with daily parking. Additional hours at the gold key lot are charged at $5 per hour.

There is another option of a new economy lot recently opened, starting at $7. It is located adjacent to the extended lot and is a 10-minute walk to the moving walkway. There is no shuttle service from here.

Short-term parking:
Lot Price
Short term garage $4 per 30 minutes
Long term parking $3 per 30 minutes
Long-term parking:
Lot Price (per hour)
Economy lot $7
Long term parking $16
Short term garage $26
Extended parking $10
Gold key lot $30

Other services at PIT:

Accessible parking:
  • To use this parking, you must have a disabled permit or plate.
  • The rate for such travelers to park in any lot except the gold key lot is $7 per day.
  • Don’t forget to press the button on the exit and call the attendant to get your ticket validated.
EV charging stations:
  • There are a total of 16 EV charging stations in Pittsburgh airport parking.
  • 10 are in the long-term lot near sections 8A and 8B.
  • The other 6 are in the short-term parking garage.
Oversized vehicles:
  • An additional fee must be paid for taking up additional spaces on operating oversized vehicles.
  • Vehicles between 20 – 40 feet in length must pay twice the daily rate.
  • Vehicles over 40 feet must pay three times the daily rate.

For more information about the availability of spots and other services Contact 412.472.5050.

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