How to Book Midway Airport Parking? Price, Ultimate Guide

Midway Airport MDW, is also referred to as Chicago midway airport or simply Midway. It is a major commercial airport on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois, and is located approximately 12 miles from the Loop Business district.  It served approximately 21 million passengers in 2019. MDW is called the second busiest airport in the Chicago Metropolitan Area and the state of Illinois. While catering to such a huge crowd all around the year, it may be a little hassle to find a parking spot for your vehicle. Here we are with the Midway airport parking guide to let you reserve your spot or park on arrival in the easiest way possible. Also, check out our other airport parking guides here.

How to book Midway airport parking? 

Established in 1927, Midway airport was originally named Chicago air park. There are several parking options ranging from covered-uncovered to short-term or long-term parking. 

Online parking:

You can reserve the spot online, according to your preference, by visiting here. To check the parking space availability click on On reserving your spot, you get covered parking and even if the garage is full, your space is ensured by the authorities. 

On arrival parking:

You can park your vehicle on arrival as well. And pay the bill on exit from parking based on the period and the area parked. Remember that semi trucks, trailers, mobile homes, and large box trucks are prohibited from parking in any of the Midway parking areas.  

Chicago Midway Airport Parking spaces:

Midway airport parking offers majorly five parking areas and a cell phone lot. You can park here on an hourly or daily basis. Additional services like disabled accessible parking and vehicle assistance during flat tires or dead batteries are available here. Here is some general information about lots and their accessibility:

Economy garage:

  • There are two parking areas: the economy garage and the economy lot.
  • The economy garage is located west of S. Cicero Avenue and north of 55th Street.
  • The economy lot is at 5050 West 55th Street east of the Economy Garage.
  • Provide long-term parking facilities with a free shuttle service every 10-15 minutes.
  • Payments are made to the cashier after exiting the lot.
  • The vehicle clearance level is 8’2’’

Terminal parking:

  • Located at 5701 S. Cicero Ave, Adjacent to the Terminal building. 
  • Offer both hourly and daily parking.
  • Hourly parking is on level 1 and daily parking is on levels 2-6.
  • Take note of the level you parked at.
  • Reservation to terminal parking is allowed.

Daily parking:

  • Located on the Northwest corner of 55th Street and Kilpatrick Avenue.
  • It is close to the terminal and serves only for long-term parking.
  • Shuttle service to the terminal.
  • Fully automated system featuring only credit card in/out.

Midway Airport Parking Prices:

Economy parking: 

The rates for the economy garage and a lot are the same. And the price includes the taxes.

Time  Price 
Up to 1 hour $4
1-24 hours $15
Terminal hourly parking:

Hourly parking is meant for short stays.

Time  Price 
Up to 1 hour  $4
1-2 hour $8
2-3 hours $12
3-4 hours  $16
4-8 hours $32
8-24 hours $64
Terminal daily parking
Time  Price 
Up to 1 hour  $4
1-2 hour $8
2-3 hours $12
3-4 hours  $16
4-8 hours $20
8-24 hours $40
Daily lot
Time  Price 
Up to 1 hour $4
1-24 hours $30
Reserved Parking:
  • This parking service is located on Level 2 of the Main Terminal Garage.
  • The parking reservation fee is $10 per space per day.


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