How to Book Las Vegas Airport Parking? Price, Ultimate Guide

Harry Reid International Airport formerly known as McCarran international airport in Paradise, Nevada, US is the main government airport in Las Vegas Valley. Coded as LAS it is owned and operated by the Clark County Department Commission and Clark County Department of Aviation respectively. It is located 5 miles downtown of Las Vegas metropolitan city and handles aviation majorly by two terminals. According to its annual traffic, LAS is the ninth busiest airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic. It served nearly 51 million passengers in 2019. With such a huge rush while serving the busy metropolitan city, it is common to face difficulty in finding a perfect parking spot. But worry not! We are here with our easy guide for Las Vegas Airport parking.

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How to book Las Vegas airport parking?

Harry Reid airport parking majorly offers parking at both terminals: terminal 1 and terminal 3, with options of long-term and short-term parking. However, pre-booking of the parking spot is not available as of now to Las Vegas airport parking.

You can park your vehicle on arrival by following the overhead signs. To make sure you don’t have to hassle in finding the space, check the terminal that your airline uses here and just park near to it. Take the help of reader boards to check the real-time Parking status.

Also, note that during the peak travel periods the terminal 1 long-term garage may fill. At such time you’ll be directed to other parking areas. However, instead of searching for a place there, you can beforehand park at other locations. For more information contact 702-260-5122.

LAS Airport Parking Spaces:

Las Vegas airport parking with more than 17,000 public parking spaces is open 24/7 with regular patrolling. Your vehicle parked here is secured and can be repaired in any case. On parking your vehicle at the location, you get the following free services:

  • Battery jump starts
  • Tire inflations
  • Lost car searches

Harry Reid airport has two terminals, each with its parking garage, ticketing area, baggage claim shopping, and dining options. Since the two terminals are not physically connected hence it is important to check beforehand the terminal of your airline arrival.

Also, it is very common to find long-term parking filled during summer holidays. So, either park early or park in another lot. You can access the free shuttle service to the terminal from the parking space. Here is a brief description of the lots:

Terminal 1:

Terminal 1 has 94 gates and 4 concourses and offers five parking options. It includes a 6,000-space parking garage and a spacious terminal building that includes ticketing/check-in and baggage claim. The baggage claim is at level 1. The four concourses are Gate A, B, C, and D. Here is all you need to know about the terminal 1 parking options:

Short term parking
  • Located at Paradise, NV 89119, just outside of terminal 1 in the covered parking garage on level 2M.
  • It is a cost-efficient option to park for 3 hours or less here.
  • Park at level 1 near passenger pick-up if waiting for your party to arrive.
  • Height clearance- 7’0’’.
  • It is free for the first 15-minute parking at the station. Directly go to the exit lane and insert the ticket within the first 15 minutes of entering the lot.
Long-term parking:
  • Located adjacent to terminal 1 on levels 1M, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • This lot is intended for stays of more than three hours with a maximum parking limit of 30 days.
  • For longer parking requests contact 702-261-5122 or mail at
  • You can also use the parking reminder cards located near the elevators to help you remember your vehicle location.
  • Height clearance 8’0’’.
Economy parking:
  • Located at 576 Kitty Hawk way, off paradise road.
  • 24/7 Free shuttle service available to the terminal every 30 minutes intervals.
  • Wait for the shuttle service at level zero of the parking garage.
Valet parking:
  • Located adjacent to terminal 1 on level 2.
  • Height clearance: 7’
  • Visitors with the state of Nevada exempt issued plates, don’t access this for free parking.
  • Call 702-261-6999 for parking assistance.
Remote or Oversize parking:
  • Located on Gilespie Road, across the street from Rent-a-car Center.
  • 24/7 free shuttle service available to terminal 1.
  • Vehicles with a height of more than 22 ft. and breath 8 ½ ft. or more than 13 ½ ft. high must oversize parking.
  • The first 15 minutes of parking are free.

Terminal 3:

Short-term parking:
  • Located near passenger pick-up, just outside of terminal 3 in the covered parking garage on level 1.
  • Height clearance: 9’4’’
  • If you are an international traveler, then park on the east side of terminal 3 designated by the “club” symbol.
  • If you are a domestic traveler, then park on the west side of the garage designated with a “diamond” symbol.
Long-term parking:
  • Located in the garage adjacent to terminal 3 on levels 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • Height clearance: 8’2’’.
  • The long-term parking lot has a 30-day maximum parking limit.
Economy parking:
  • Located adjacent to the terminal 3 parking garage.
  • Within walking distance of the ticketing booth.
Valet parking:
  • Located in the garage adjacent to terminal 3 on level V.
  • Height clearance: 9’4’’.

Las Vegas Airport Parking Price:

Terminal 1 & 3:

The parking rates for both terminal parking lots are the same.

Short-term parking:
Parking Hours Rate
0-1 hour $3
1-2 hours $6
2-3 hours $9
Each additional hour $4
 Long-term parking:
Parking Hours Rate
0-3 hour $10
Each additional hour $2
Economy parking:
Parking Hours Rate
0-2 hour $4
Each additional hour $2
Valet parking:
Parking Hours Rate
0-1 hour $10
1-2 hours $12
2-3 hours $14
3-4 hours $18
Each additional hour $2
Oversize parking:
Parking Hours Rate
0-30 minutes $3
31-60 minutes $6
Each additional hour $3
Daily parking rates terminal 1:
Parking lot Rate (daily maximum)
Short term parking $36
Long term parking $18
Economy parking $12
Valet parking $30
Oversize parking $15

Additional services in Las Vegas Airport Parking :

Cell phone lot:
  • It is a short-term waiting area in the Las Vegas airport parking.
  • located 2-5 minutes from both terminals.
  • It is open from 6 am to 1 am daily and free of cost.
  • Vehicle must be attended always.
  • No commercial or TNC vehicles are allowed.
  • Vehicles must not be parked on airport roadways or shoulders.
Handicap parking:
  • All parking lots have handicap-accessible parking.
  • Handicap vehicle stalls are located close to elevator or shuttle stops.
Bicycle parking:
  • At terminal 1 bike rack is located on level 0, next to the elevators.
  • At terminal 3, two bike racks are located on level 0 of the garage.
  • One is next to the east elevator lobby and the other next to the west elevator lobby.



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