Knott’s Berry Farm Parking Prices and Tips

Parking is one of the major concerns and the lack of navigable issues adds to the problem. If you’re planning a visit to the Knott’s Berry Farm, there are a couple of things you should learn. California’s biggest and oldest theme park is one of the best places for thrilling adventures and fun rides. But is it an ideal place for individuals who have their own vehicles? You should note that Knott’s Berry Farm does provide parking facilities. Here, we have listed Knott’s Berry Farm parking prices that you can compare to determine the ideal option for you. 

All About Knott’s Farm Parking Prices

The theme park offers abundant space for parking. The parking lot is located within a walking distance of the main entrance. You will need five to ten minutes to reach the gate from the parking lot. 

Standard Parking Rates 

Here are the standard and daily parking rates for different kinds of vehicles. You should note that the prices may differ depending on the footfall and season. 

Knott's Berry Farm Parking Price

General Parking Service


  Car and Motorcycle Parking 


  Bus and RV Parking


 All-Season Parking 


The opening time of the lot is 9:00 AM. You should reach as early as possible to ensure you get a convenient spot for parking. You must also note that re-entry to the parking lot is not allowed, and you will have to purchase the ticket again. 

Shopping and Dining Parking Lot 

If you don’t find space in the main lot, you can check the Shopping and Dining lot. It is right across from the California marketplace and offers free parking for up to one hour. After the complimentary service, you will have to pay an additional $10 per half an hour and a maximum of $35. Besides this, they even offer additional two hours of free parking, if you spend more than $19 in the marketplace. It is indeed a cost-effective option. But if you plan to stay for longer, you must consider parking in the main lot only. 

Transportation to reach Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’re not sure about driving, you can choose various other options. Knott’s Berry Farm has connectivity with the metro which will certainly save you money. The Buena Park Metrolink station is a short drive away from the park. There are OCTA buses that will drop you straight at the gate. These options are comparatively cheap and affordable. One side fare for a ride from the LA Union Station to Buena Park will only cost you $7.75. 

Karmel Shuttle is another transportation service that you can take, and the park also recommends it. They offer promo code KNOTTS14, which can be used for further discounts on this service. 

Re-entry is not allowed for those who have All-Season Parking passes as well. Therefore, you should keep these things in mind when planning your trip to the Knott’s Berry Farm. Compare Knott’s Berry Farm Parking prices and other transportation services to choose the most convenient option for yourself. You can also check out other blogs and guides to plan a convenient and safe trip around. Stay tuned for more such content and guides.

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