How to Buy The Edge NYC Tickets?

The Edge NYC offers thrilling and adventurous views of the city. The glass flooring makes it more thrilling and is an experience that you will have nowhere else. Here we present a guide on how to buy The Edge NYC tickets to help you plan the trip conveniently. Keep in mind that the ticket prices may change during the peak day and non-peak. You may have to pay an additional $4 on a peak day and understand that non-peak days are subject to change. Check out the pricing for entry to The Edge NYC.

How to Buy The Edge NYC Tickets?

How to Buy The Edge NYC Tickets

General Admission

The General Admission ticket may provide you access to 360-degree New York Views, access to the highest outdoor sky, glass floor, skyline steps, and free digital souvenir photo.

Age Group Ticket Price (On-site) Ticket Price (Online)
Child (6-12) $35 $33
Adult (13-61) $40 $38
Senior (62+) $38 $36

Note: Visit during sunset may cost an additional charge of $10.

Flex Pass

The pass provides you access to visit the Edge flexibly throughout the day. Here is the pricing structure for the flex pass at the Edge NYC.

Age Group Ticket Price (On-site) Ticket Price (Online)
Child (6-12) $55 $53
Adult (13-61) $60 $58
Senior (62+) $58 $56

Champagne Admission

Explore the stunning views and enjoy a glass of champagne during your visit to the Edge, NYC. It is only available for individuals over the age of 21.

Age Group Ticket Price (On-site) Ticket Price (Online)
Adults (21-61) $57 $55
Senior (62+) $55 $53

Premium Admission

Get the ultimate Edge experience with the premium admission ticket. You can receive a glass of champagne and a personalized photobook. It is also applicable to individuals over 21 years.

Age Group Ticket Price (On-site) Ticket Price (Online)
Adults (21-61) $75 $73
Senior (62+) $73 $71

Frequently Asked Questions

Best time to visit the Edge NYC

Can I get a refund or exchange on my ticket?

No, tickets are final. You won’t be able to get any refund or exchange on the ticket.

What does the photobook consist of?

The personalized photo book will include two photos along with several different sections. It will comprise fun facts and relevant information about Edge, Vessel, and Hudson Yards. You will get a glimpse and learn more about the Edge and NYC.

Is Edge open during extreme weather conditions?

The Edge has both indoor and outdoor views. However, the authorities may close the access to outdoor views in case of extreme weather conditions. You must check the weather report before planning your visit to the Edge NYC.

Is there a time limit on my visit?

There is no time limit on the visit. You can explore and enjoy the stunning views at your own pace. You can consider visiting on weekday mornings to explore the buildings and avoid crowds.

You can also book the ticket during sunset timings, which may cost you an additional charge. Sunset timings may vary. Therefore, you must always check the weather report and forecast before planning your trip.

Best time to visit the Edge NYC

How to Book the Edge NYC Tickets – Final Words

We have answered all your questions related to how to book The Edge NYC tickets. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to comment down below. Stay tuned to Scott and Ben for more such guides and updates.

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