How to Book Paris Disney Land Tickets?

As said in the famous quote “Paris is not a city, it is a world”, this place truly has something for everyone. For couples it is the Eiffel tower, for children, it is the water parks, for the old, it is the garden and boat tours. But something that excites everyone irrespective of their age and background is the famous Disney land. This place has seen proposals, children enjoying their vacations, old reliving their childhood, adventure seekers enjoying rides, and whatnot. Disney land Paris truly refreshes you and lets you make lifelong memories. We have designed a complete guide on Paris Disney Land tickets.

How to buy Disney Land Tickets?

Explore the range of tickets and choose the one that suits you. The Disney land tickets are available online and cannot be purchased at the gate. Only special rate tickets sale is available at the gate. You can regularly check the availability of tickets on the website and register your visit. This must be done if you have an annual pass or un-dated tickets.

Ticket options:

  • Dated tickets from 1 to 4 days
  • Dated 1-day ticket
  • Undated tickets for 1 Day
  • Special offers

While booking the tickets, you can choose one of two or both the parks. Disney land park and Walt Disney studios park tickets can also be booked for multiple days. Here is a brief description of the ticket’s options:

Dated tickets from 1 to 4 days:

Pay less for more days. Yes, that’s right. More the number of days you buy tickets for, the lesser the ticket price you’ll have to pay. So, we suggest you plan a 3–4-day trip here for both the parks. You can save up to 40% compared to un-dated tickets. Also, you can cancel the booking without a fee, up to 3 days before arrival.

Dated 1-day ticket with shuttle:

Guess what? You can also get a Disney shuttle service on booking a dated 1-day ticket. You are picked up from the different destinations by the shuttle that lands you at the park. The pickup locations are G du Nord, opera, Chatelet, and the Eiffel Tower area. The ticket price will include both the shuttle charge and park entry fees. Now if your plan changes, cancel free easily up to 3-day prior to the scheduled visit.

Un-dated tickets for one day:

The best thing about the un-dated ticket option is that you can gift this ticket option to a loved one. Once bought Un-dated tickets are valid for 365 days. It allows you to visit the place whenever you want by just registering after selecting the date on the online portal. Remember that it is a non-refundable ticket and subject to the availability of the tickets.

Registrations are available within 1 hour following the purchase of a ticket up until the chosen visiting date. On the day of the visit, present your ticket and registration confirmation to access the admission.

Special offers:

Special rate tickets are available for persons with disability and military personnel. Even the person accompanying a disabled person is entitled to a discount on a 1 day 1 park or a 1 day 2 park ticket. Note that an official document and not the medical certificate, issued by the local government or medical authorities will be accepted as proof of disability. If you are accompanying a disabled person, then you are entitled to get a 25% discount on an annual pass or park ticket.

Also, note that special tickets and annual passes can only be purchased from the entrance gates from counter 2 in Disney land park and counter 1 in Walt Disney studios park.

Disney land Tickets Prices

Dated tickets from 1 to 4 days:

These are best for people looking for a budget vacation. The more days you are here, the lesser you’ll pay. Also, the ticket fee for children under 3 years is free. One can book up to six tickets at a time except for certain ticket types.

Note that, the prices of tickets vary day to day basis, with five major types. We have covered them all here.

Ticket for 1 Day for 1 Park:
Adult (12+)Child (3-11)

Ticket for one park is available only for 1 day. Rest all are available for 2 parks only.

Ticket for 1 day for 2 parks:

The below-mentioned prices are for different days, predefined on the Disney land website.

£77.91 £73.43 
£97.61 £92.24 
£102.09 £95.82 
£106.56 £100.30 
£111.04 £103.88 
Ticket for 2 days
Adult (12+)Child (3-11)
Ticket for 3 days
Adult (12+)Child (3-11)
£64.48 £60.00 
£80.59 £74.33 
£85.08 £78.81
£93.13 85.97 
Ticket for 4 days:
Adult (12+)Child (3-11)
£56.42 £52.84 
£71.64 £66.27 
£75.23 £68.95 
£82.39 £76.12 
1 Day Dated ticket with shuttle

The prices include both the park entry fee and the shuttle fee. The shuttle will pick you up from two locations as mentioned and will drop off a the same place.

Adult (12+)Child (3-11)
£91.34 £86.86 
£111.04 £105.67 
£115.52 £109.25 
£120.00 £113.73 
£124.47 £117.31 

Undated 1 day Ticket

You can purchase an undated ticket for both or one of the two parks. It comes with 1-year validity and can be used anytime subject to availability.

For one park:

Adult:94.03         Child:116.41

For both parks:

Adult: 86.86        Child:109.25

Discover a range of Annual passes:

Disney land also lets you buy 4 different types of annual passes with amazing offers. On the day of your visit and up to 30 days afterward, you can upgrade to an annual pass and deduct the cost of your 1 day from the price. Also, you can renew this pass and avail 15% off on your next annual pass.

You can buy the annual pass from the ticketing counter at the entrance or call 03448 008 898.

For more information, you can visit  Also check our Disney Land packing guide here.

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