How to Book Austin Airport Parking? Price, Ultimate Guide

Austin–Bergstrom International Airport or ABIA is a Class C international airport in Austin, Texas. The airport majorly serves the Greater Austin metropolitan area and is located about 5 miles southeast of Downtown Austin. The ABIA reached an all-time passenger record of 17.3 million and is now busier than ever with more than 250 flights a day. The airport offers convenient parking facilities which will make it easier for you to park your vehicles at the airport. In this guide, we will cover how to book Austin Airport Parking so that you can find a convenient spot.

How to Book Austin Airport Parking?

How to Book Austin Airport Parking

Austin Airport provides different parking options and here are the pricing options for each. Check out the Austin Airport Parking rates and choose an option according to your preferences.

Reserved Garage Parking

All you will have to do is pay a small fee to guarantee a space for parking in these lots. There are two options for parking in this lot: Red Garage Reserved Parking and Blue Garage Reserved Parking. Check out the prices for both below.

Lot Hourly Daily Max
Red Garage $5.00 $27.00
Blue Garage $5.00 $17.00

Economy Parking

Economy Parking is affordable and the closest surface parking option to the Barbara Jordan Terminal. Shuttle service is also available and picks up every 15-20 minutes. Here is the pricing structure for parking at the economy lot.

Lot Hourly Daily Max
Economy $5.00 $10.00

Short-Term Parking

Short-term parking is an ideal option for meeters, greeters, and individuals who are looking for short-term parking facilities. It is fully automated and credit cards are the only accepted form of payment at the lot. Here is the pricing structure for short-term Parking at Austin Airport.

Lot Hourly Daily Max
Short-term $5.00 $27.00

Height Restriction: 8’0”

Austin South Terminal

The Austin South Terminal is separate from the Barbara Jordan Terminal. It is located at 10000 Logistics Ln, Austin, TX 78719. Individuals taking Frontier and Allegiant Airlines may consider parking at this terminal. There are three lots available, and the pricing structure is as follows:

Lot Price
Premium $22.00/ day
Close-In/ Spot Hero Lot $15.00/day
Economy Lot $10.00/day

There is an inter-terminal shuttle service that operates or choose to park at the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

How to Book Austin Airport Parking?

How to Book Austin Airport Parking

Austin Airport has a dedicated website ( which you can visit for information related to parking. You can enter the parking date and time to calculate the amount of parking. For any concerns related to parking, you may call the team at (512) 530-3300. If you want to park for more than 30 days, make sure you get in touch with the team. You may call or email them for further information and assistance related to parking.

Parking Lots Near Austin Airport

If you are unable to find a parking spot at the airport, you can choose from the parking lots. Here are some of the popular options near the Airport. These parking lots are easily accessible and offer convenient parking options.

  • Embassy Suites AUS Airport Parking (No Shuttle; Starts from $5.95 per day)
  • Hyatt Place Austin Airport Parking (Starts from $6.75 per day)
  • Holiday Inn Express Austin ($30.00 per day)

These are some of the parking lot options that you may consider. We have covered Austin Airport Parking rates and we hope the guide resolves your concerns related to how to book Austin Airport Parking. Stay tuned to Scott and Ben for more such travel-related information and guides.

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