How to Book Hobby Airport Parking? Price, Ultimate Guide

Hobby Airport, also known as William P. Hobby Airport, in the Houston region of Texas, US, becomes the first airport in North America to get a 5-star international rating. Located seven miles (11 km) from downtown Houston, it is the oldest commercial airport in Houston. It is ranked third best North American regional airport by the world airport awards and is the second busiest airport in Houston. Finding a Parking spot in such an area could be a little difficult. Hence booking a spot in advance will surely prevent last-minute delays in parking. Here is our guide on booking Hobby airport parking spots and their prices along. If in Texas also check our guide for San Antonio parking.

How to book Hobby airport parking?

You can reserve a parking spot at William P. Hobby airport either online or on arrival as well. There are various options available for parking: Blue Garage or Red garage, valet parking, or economic parking. Choose the one close to the terminal and proceed with payment.

For online booking:

Visit and choose the parking option from of Hobby airport parking section. Select your entry and exit date and time and click on check availability. Then out of the three options choose one. Proceed by entering your details and vehicle details and paying the fees. By booking online, you get to save up to 33% on fees.

For offline booking:

The parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Hence, to save you time, check the availability of spots by calling  + for the latest parking information. Apart from this the airport parking signs on the roads also provide timely parking facility status updates.

HOU Airport Parking spaces

HOU airport parking offers you majorly three areas to park your vehicle on a long-term and short-term basis. It has two self-parking garages close to the terminal that remain open 24/7 and feature automated parking locator systems. You get the option of covered or uncovered parking spaces along with electric vehicle charging stations.


The available parking spaces are mentioned below:

Valet parking
  • 1-minute walk to the terminal
  • Covered parking spaces are available
  • You can also access car wash and detailing by paying additional fees
  • Free bottle of water.
Terminal Garage parking
  • There are two parking options: red and blue parking lot
  • 5 minutes walk to the terminal
  • Easy Access from the entrance.
  • Park on Any Level out of 4 levels
  • Accessible parking is also available at all the levels


Economy parking (Ecopark)
  • Free shuttle service to and from the terminal between 5:30 a.m. and 12:00 midnight
  • It is the Official onsite parking with uncovered parking
  • Equipped with accessible parking and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Can accommodate oversized vehicles (max 11’9’’)
  • No reservations are required as the space is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Cell phone parking
  • It is nearby the airport boulevard on level 2
  • Allows you to wait for your party
  • The vehicle must not be left unattended.

William P. Hobby Airport Parking Prices

Terminal parking HOU (Red and Blue Parking):

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd.

Hourly rate Pre-tax Rate ($) Rate with Tax ($)
0-.10 min 0.92 1.00
11 min-1 hr. 4.62 5.00
1-2 hrs. 5.54 6.00
2-3 hrs. 7.39 8.00
3-5 hrs. 9.24 10.00
5-24 hrs. 22.17 24.00
Daily parking 22.17 24.00
Valet Parking:

Address: on the second level of the HOU red garage.

Hours Price
0-2 hours $14
2-24 hours $28
Economy parking:

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd. Houston, TX, 77061

Hours Price (pre-tax rate)
0-3 hours $5.54
3-24 hours $9.24




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