Harley Farms Pescadero Visitor Guide: What to Do, When to Visit?

Harley Farms Pescadero is a farmstead dairy with multiple award-winning cheese and goat-milk body products. It is a quick car ride from San Francisco, and you can visit Harley Farms to watch the baby goats. The farms make a great spot for picnics, and you can also shop for authentic products made with goat’s milk.

Location: Harley Farms Goat Dairy is located at 205 North Street, Pescadero, California 94060. Adjacent to the location, you will also find free parking services.

Harley Farms Pescadero

Timings of Harley Farms, Pescadero

Harley Farms Pescadero is open every day from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM. They might be closed on major celebration days, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving Day, or Easter. Therefore, you must plan your visit accordingly.

Harley Farms Pescadero – Tickets

You must note that there is no admission cost, and you can visit anytime. However, there is a farm shop from where you can purchase and support their small business. They also offer experienced tours which are chargeable and may cost $55 for the individual of all ages. If you want a private tour, you must book that in advance.

When to visit Harley Farms Pescadero?

Harley Farms Pescadero cheese

The farm is open all year round, and you can visit anytime. However, you can consider visiting during late Winter or early spring. It is the time when baby goats are born. You can check the baby goat count section on Harley’s website to determine what you can expect at the farms.

Harley Farms Pescadero – Things to Do

Here are some of the things that you can do at Harley Farms Pescadero:

Visit the adorable goats

There are around 200 alpine goats living on the farm. You can also see the adorable baby goats if you visit between February and April.

Taste organic and award-winning goat cheese

At Harley Farms Pescadero, you will find some of the best and award-winning cheeses. You can try the organic and award-winning goat cheese for free.

Harley Farms Pescadero cheese

Shop the wide variety of cheese and other products

There is a dedicated farm shop from where you can buy your favorite organic cheese. You will find a wide variety of cheese, ranging from Chevre to Feta, and Fromage Blanc to Ricotta. You can also purchase other goat products such as lotions, jellies, honey, soap, farm-fresh eggs, truffles, and more.

Take the private tour

If you are interested in discovering more about the farms, you may consider taking a private tour. The tour may last for two hours and you will learn about Harley’s history.

Plan a picnic

Harley Farms Pescadero is a peaceful place and one of the most ideal destinations for a picnic. You can have a relaxing day and spend your day on the farms. Pack your snacks and try the organic cheese from the farms.

These are some of the things that you can explore at Harley Farms Pescadero. Check the website for more information related to events and dates. Stay tuned for more such information and guides.

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