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Bullfighting is one of the most controversial and unique customs followed in Spain. Also known as corrida de toros, it is practiced in Spain from March to October. Bullfighting in Spainbecame prevalent after the late 18th century and is now deeply rooted in their traditions. All major Spanish cities have extraordinary bullrings, and you can observe the bullfighting culture in nearly all major Spanish cities. Madrid, Seville, and Ronda have some of the most spectacular bullrings in Spain. It is majorly practiced in Spain and a few other Spanish-speaking countries. 

What is Bullfighting?

Bullfighting is a national sport and spectacle in Spain. It is a fighting sport in which the bullfighters on foot confront a number of bulls. The bulls fighting in bullfighting have to be at least four years old in Corrida de toros and must weigh around 470 kg. 

 Bullfighting in Spain

Bullfighting season in Spain

There are various bullfighting festivals all over Spain. It generally runs from March to October. The first bullfight begins in late March. 

Bullfights are considered a big part of Spain’s heritage and culture. Bulls are given proper training and are trained to be aggressive before the fight. 

Traditional bullfighting in Spain has always been a divisive issue. However, natives and folks living in Spain take bullfights very seriously and consider them quintessential. Many visitors visit Spain just to see the bullfight. Over the past few decades, bullfights have become a hotspot for tourist attractions. 

Female Bullfighters 

Bullfighting is not just a sport. It is strongly associated with masculinity. However, it is important to note that there have been some amazing female bullfighters. Chilean-born Conchita Cintrón ignored bans on women bullfighting and killed over 750 bulls over her astonishing career from the 1940s to 60s. Another great female bullfighter is Cristina Sánchez. She played her first Madrid bullfight in the year 1993 and became a symbol of inspiration for the new breed of female bullfighters in the country. 

A treat for adventurous people

Watching bullfights is a completely different experience for visitors. It is a unique experience watching the extraordinary fight live. Many visitors have an idea and know what will happen. However, many visitors are clueless and have no idea what is going to happen next. 

Andalusia and Madrid are the two epicenters of bullfights in the country. Madrid is the home to the biggest bullring in the country. However, there are plenty of bullfights all over Spain during this season. The Pamplona Running of the Bulls held or the San Fermin festival held every year in the month of July is the most famous bullfighting festival in Spain. The festival features actual bullfights as well as bull runs. It is a treat to watch bullfight only if you’re daring at heart. Only the ones loving adventure and who are daring enough will understand this culture. It is also necessary for everyone to be aware that not all bulls are killed in bullfighting. At times, they are even pardoned for showcasing reckless behavior in the ring. 

Bullfighting in Spain – Summing Up

Make sure you add this to your list if you’re planning a trip to Spain. If you’re unsure where to go in Spain, you should definitely get yourself a ticket to bullfighting in SpainYou’ll have a thrilling experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Arrive at least an hour before the fight starts. Stay tuned to Scott and Ben for more such guides and updates.

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