Visit Breathtaking Places in Glacier National Park

Glacier national park, located in Montana, bordering Canada is one of the most famous national parks in the US. It is decorated with more than 130 lakes and rich flora and fauna spread across 1 million acres. This is the reason that the park is called the “crown of the continent ecosystem”. People in search of a vacation spot with scenic beauty, deep valleys, and not less than a paradise experience, can put glacier national park on their bucket list. It promises you the best time of your vacation.

On the other side of the Canada border, there is Waterton lakes national park. Together with which Glacier Park forms Waterton- glacier international peace park, the first of its kind. It is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Top places to visit in Glacier National Park

Go on hiking through alpine meadows or set up a camp on one of the 13 campgrounds or enjoy horseback rides or boating. Do anything and everything you can imagine in nature’s lap and don’t forget to carry your camera to capture all that. You can also avail yourself the guided tours and know more about the place while you enjoy the breathtaking views.


The most famous and crowded Going-to-the-Sun road cut across the center of the park and promises you the best ride of your life. It almost takes 2 hours to cover the 50 miles of the stretch. But if you are someone who loves taking things slow, enjoying the view, take pictures, then keep extra time for this trip.

Going-to-the-Sun Road
Logan Pass

Logan pass is the other destination, that you reach after continuing on the Going-to-the-sun road. It is the highest point in Glacier national park and gives a breathtaking view of the whole park. Due to its popularity, it is always crowded, and finding a parking space can be a real hassle. So, arrive early before 7:30. Otherwise you’ll have to park at a turn-out on the going-to-the-sun road and hike up all the way.

Wild Goose Island

Another spot on the list is Wild Goose Island. It is a tiny Island located on Saint Mary Lake mere 14 meters in height. Appeared in The Shining movie, it is the most photographed spot in Glacier national park. If you are on vacation just to relax and be closer to nature, then this is where you can spend most of your time. It is surrounded by mountains and promises you the best sunrise view.

Lake McDonald Valley

This place consists of McDonald Lake, the largest lake in glacier national park. It is 10 miles long lake famous for its crystal-clear water. This is the best place for pebble collectors as you will find colorful pebbles of different shapes and sizes.

This place also features a historic lodge built in 1914. It is in a picturesque location on the eastern shore of the beautiful lake. With a total of 82 guests room split between the three-story main lodge, a row of cabins, Snyder Hall, and the exquisite Cobb House, it is open for visitors seasonally. For the 2022 season, it will welcome guests and visitors between May 13 and September 21

For more information on the timings and fees visit or call (406) 888-7806.

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