Crealy Theme Park Rides: Enjoy Live shows and Indoor Rides

Adventure and theme parks are the best way to enjoy yourself with friends and family during vacations. Crealy theme park at Devon is one of the best, award-winning theme parks that offer you unlimited fun with more than 60 rides. This amazing location is located just minutes away from junction 30 of the M5 near Exeter and is open to all ages. Crealy theme park tickets and opening timings get seasonally changed while remaining open during Devon’s school holidays. Crealy theme park rides and attractions include a lot of fun activities and adventures. This may consist of indoor fun, outdoor dun, animals, live shows, and the all-new sooty’s land.

You can even book long holidays at Crealy theme resort nearby the park and enjoy glamping and camping. These resorts also offer hot tub lodges, themed glamping tents, and over 100 camping pitches. These stays come with excellent facilities including free wifi, family bathrooms, and fun-filled live evening entertainment. 

Crealy Theme park rides and attractions: Indoor fun

Gone are the days when theme parks were only about outdoor activities and huge rides. With themed indoor decorations, this adventure park offers you an experience like never before. With beautiful paintings, lights, and sound effects they make you feel like you have entered into some other world. Here are some of the amazing attractions in indoor fun:

Lost World of Atlantis:

 it features 4 rides, an indoor play area, and a Lavazza coffee shop. It is open throughout the year and you can enjoy it during rain as well. This is perfect for young visitors who can sit on the ack of one of the sea creatures and feel the force of dolphin drop.

Dolphin drop

Here take a ride with dolphins and carry yourself toward the surface of the sea. Thus ride will take you up to enjoy the amazing view of the lost world of Atlantis and drop you down to feel the force of waves. But you must be  92 cm to enjoy this.

Neptune sea cups:

This is the ride, especially for young guests who love music and lights. It makes you spin in cups around the lost world of Atlantis. Children less than 90 cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Shark Bay

For those who love coaster rides, here is the one for you within indoor space. You must be at least 92 cm in height and accompanied by an adult.

Blue lagoon

This ride makes you splash into the world of blue with its rides and walls painted blue. It consists of four bumpy slides, an ocean of pearly balls, and waves of endless adventure for young ones. It is the most photogenic area out of all indoor rides that can add to your Instagram page. Also, note that children in this area will need adult supervision and can only go after removing their footwear.

Crealy Theme park rides and attractions: Live shows

Live shows are the life of any event. Be it a day out with friends and two of you decide to take over the dance stage or be it with your family, where one of you decides to showcase your singing skill. Live events make the outing memorable. Crealy theme park knows this well and has arranged the following events. the entry to these live shows is included in the theme park entry.

DJ Buddy show

Who does not love DJs? From requesting them to play your favorite songs to dancing on the tunes of an unknown language. We love the shaking leg with friends and inventing new dance moves along. When at Crealy, head over to the Piazza stage to show off your best moves.

Eureka Science Show

Science enthusiasts can tie up their laces to identify every chemical that gets used up on the Piazza stage to form a figure or change liquid. Watch and learn from scientists at Crealy, mixing up items and performing cool experiments to keep you absorbed in the world of Crealy. And the best part is that you can perform these experiments at home as well.

Sooty’s big top showtime

For the lovers of  The Sooty Show, Crealy theme park rides and attractions have been specially customized.  It comes with a sooty live show, sooty dinner, the sooty show-themed rides, and whatnot. At Crealy with the ticket at the same price, you can enjoy the live sooty show and watch sooty, sweep, and soo cause mischief in front of your eyes.

Summing up

Crealy theme park Rides have been designed to be enjoyed by everyone from any age group. to make use of unlimited access to its other benefits you can buy an annual pass which comes in three series. Also before visiting the park remember to check for the opening timings and avail of recent offers.

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