Crealy Theme Park Annual Pass: Special Offer

Who doesn’t love offers and discounts? We all do. And what fun it would be if the offer is not only for us but also benefits our friends and family members. Crealy theme park knows this well and has come up with its amazing Crealy theme park annual pass series. These passes can be carried along when visiting the park to get entry. And you don’t have to book your visit online or in advance. That’s how easy it makes. With its 60 rides spread over 100 acres, Crealy has everything to make your visit worthy and vacations more fun.

This theme park opens up its gate seasonally offering varieties of attractions and events to attend. Come at 10 am and enjoy till 6 pm on weekdays and weekends. The opening timings are discussed in detail here.

How to buy Crealy theme park annual pass?

Annual passes with amazing offers and discounts can be bought online from the Crealy website. Or it can be also from the main admission gate of the park. There is a separate window to make the process hassle-free. You can select the type of annual pass and the date from when you want it to start. You can either pay full money, upgrade your tickets or use the direct debit facility at 30 pounds to buy yourself annual passes.

Upgrade your tickets to annual passes

  • The Crealy theme park tickets purchased either online or through a call center or the admission gate can be upgraded to an annual pass. The amount that will be deducted from the annual pass will be the amount you purchased a ticket for. For example, if you purchased a ticket of 21 pounds it will be taken off from your annual pass. This feature is available only for full-paying annual passes and direct debit annual passes. 
  • The people with complimentary tickets or those who purchased tickets through a third party won’t be able to upgrade their tickets.
  • The up-gradation will only be available when you visit the Crealy theme park and not after you leave the park.

Types of Crealy Theme Park Annual pass:

Crealy theme park annual passes are available in four series: silver, gold, platinum, and mini. The main benefit of these annual passes is you can visit the park, given it is open, anytime. Even if you have planned the visit on the same day. That’s how easy it makes. Also, it offers discounts on food, beverages, and retail purchases and allows one additional guest discount, for one day. 

Silver Annual pass benefits

This annual pass is available at £70 per person or from £4 a month, for 12 months. It includes :

  • Unlimited entry during weekends and off-peak weekdays
  • You can even avail price for life 
  • 10% discount on food beverages and all retail purchases.

Gold annual pass 

This annual pass is suitable if you have a long list of family and friends that would like to join you along. You can enjoy clamping and glamping here with them at a discounted price. It is available for £1for00 per person and from £7 a month. It includes:

  • Unlimited entry to park
  • Price for life
  • 12 months validity
  • 15% discount on food and beverages
  • 10% discount on all retail purchases
  • 30% theme park entry discount for a family member or friend
  • 20% discount on clamping and glamping rate (available only outside of devon holidays)
  • Discounted tickets for the Crealy Christmas event.

Platinum Annual pass

The platinum series in Crealy theme park annual pass comes with additional discounts that you just can’t miss. This is perfect for people looking out for an opportunity to enjoy a two or three-day vacation soaked in fun and adventure. With its clamping and glamping discount benefits, you can have the most amazing time of vacation at £150 per person and from £12 per month. With unlimited entry and price for life these platinum series include the following:

  • Free two-night camping break( outside of devon school holidays)
  • Unlimited Grand Prix
  • 20% discount on food and beverage 
  • 10% discount on retail purchases
  • 50% theme park entry discount for a family member or friend
  • 25% discount on clamping and glamping breaks(within devon school holidays)
  • Discounted birthday packages
  • 50% discount on clamping and glamping breaks(outside of devon school holidays)
  • Discounted tickets for the Crealy Christmas event

Mini annual pass

To buy this Crealy theme park annual pass you must be within the height of 92cm -100cm. Do note that you will be measured at the entry gate to qualify for entry. And any incorrectness will be subjected to additional charges. This mini annual pass can be bought online at £30.

Points to note: 

  • These annual passes can be used for life at the original price you paid, no matter if the price increase. Given that, you renew your pass before it expires. 
  • They are valid for 12 months from the date selected at the time of purchase and cannot be used before that date.
  • Park authorities will need the annual pass holder’s photograph before the first entry for identification purposes.
  • Mini annual pass holders will undergo a height examination at the admission gate. Senior pass holders will require to show age proof. 
  • Annual passes are not interchangeable and need the holder of the pass to be available at the time of admission.

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