Car Travel with Dogs: Tips for Safety and Security

Traveling with your furry friend or your pet could be one of the most exciting experiences. You can have a fun session or go on a long drive with your companion, but there are multiple things to consider before you choose to car travel with pets. A long journey can get annoying for your pet. Whether it’s for the purpose of necessity or pleasure, you will have to prepare your dog for the long trip and ensure that their needs are fulfilled. Here’s a guide that will make your car travel with dogs much easier and more convenient. Continue reading for some tips and tricks for Car Travel with Dogs. 

Should You Travel with Your Dog? 

The first question that you need to understand is should you really travel with your dog. Is it safe to take your dog along with you on a long journey? While there can be no right or wrong answer to this question. It certainly depends on where you are traveling and how healthy your dog is. There are dogs who are fond of car rides, while there are dogs who are afraid and suffer from motion sickness. Try taking your dog for short trips or rides within your locality to understand how comfortable they are. If your dog is comfortable with car rides, you may consider taking them along for a vacation. On the other hand, if your dog is not feeling comfortable, it might be because of motion sickness. Take your furry companion to the vet and get it checked. 

Car Travel with Dogs: How to Travel with your Dog? 

Car Travel with Dogs

Car travel with dogs can be a wonderful experience. Here are certain tips that you must keep in mind to ensure your journey is safe and seamless. 

1. Keep Your Dog Restrained 

The safety of your dog should be your number one priority. Your dog can distract you, but you would have to focus on driving to ensure safety. Airbags can save you, but they are not beneficial for your dogs. Therefore, you should carry your dog in a carrier and use a pet seatbelt to make sure they can travel safely. The carrier should be large enough so that your dog can stand, lie down, and turn around easily. 

2. Take Several Short Trips 

Before taking your dog on a long journey, you should take them along on several short trips. It will help them and make them used to the car journeys. You can eventually increase the length of the shorter trips and take them along with you on a vacation. 

3. Do Not Feed Them in Moving Car 

Feeding them in the moving car can lead to pet sickness and impact their health. Therefore, you should avoid feeding them in the moving car and feed them a light meal three to four hours before leaving. 

4. Never Leave Your Dog Alone in a Parked Car 

Even if you have to stop by, do not leave your dog alone in the parked car. Take them along with you. Also, consider opening the windows in between or stopping the car to take them for a quick walk. It will ensure that they do not feel trapped inside and are feeling comfortable throughout the journey. 

5. Pack a Travel Kit for Your Dog 

To make your car travel with dogs and pets safer, make sure you pack a travel kit for them. Here are certain things that you must consider packing in the kit: 

  • Your pet’s health records 
  • Proof of recent immunizations 
  • Your pet’s regular foods and medications 
  • Water 
  • Supplies to clean your pet 
  • Water bags, poop bags 
  • Pet first-aid kit 
  • A few toys to keep them engaged 

6. Do Not Drive Too Fast 

Avoid over speeding or slowing the speed suddenly for speed breakers. Try to maintain the optimum speed of the car so that it is comfortable for you and your dog. 

7. Do Not Let Your Dog Hang Out of the Window 

While it can be exciting and make your dog happy, you should note that it could be extremely dangerous. It can be extremely risky and you should avoid this situation. 

8. Invest in a Car Seat and Floor Cover for your Dog 

There are multiple products available in the market that could add comfort to your dog’s life and keep them safe throughout the journey. Consider investing in car seats and floor covers, if you are planning to travel frequently with your dogs. 

Car Travel with Dogs
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9. Carry your Pet’s Important Documents 

If you are traveling out of the state or internationally, you may be required to showcase the health certifications and documents of your dog. Carry original copies and keep scanned ones on your mobile phones as well. 

10. A Collar with an ID Tag 

While you should be extremely careful while traveling with your pet, but you never know what happens. You should be prepared for the worst situation if your dog gets lost. Consider getting a collar with an ID tag, home address, and phone number. It will be extremely beneficial and help you locate your dog in such a situation. 

Car Travel with Dogs: Take Breaks and Enjoy 

These are some of the essential tips that you must keep in mind for car travel with dogs. Besides this, you should take breaks and enjoy the journey with your companion. If we have missed out on anything important, do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Scott and Ben for more such guides and tips.

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