Best Beaches in Costa del Sol For a Perfect Beachside Vacation

Exceptional tourist attractions, stunning natural scenery, lively beaches, and amazing nightlife, all these aspects make Spain one of the best places you should visit. Trust us, there can never be a dull moment in Spain. Costa del Sol in Spain is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. Located in the south of Spain, Costa del Sol has pleasant weather and you can visit it all year round. Famous for its rich cultural heritage and beaches, it is truly a beautiful city to visit. If you’re looking for a city break or a fun-filled beach holiday, this guide will enlighten you with some of the best beaches in Costa del Sol. With over 161 kilometers of coast hosting 126 beaches, Costa del Sol is the perfect destination for the craziest beach parties. To make it easier for you, we have picked up the best Costa del Sol beaches.

Best Beaches in Costa del Sel

Playa de Maro/ Maro Beach

Best Beaches in Costa del Sol

A hidden gem among the cliffs, Maro Beach, is one of the best beaches in Costa del Sel, SpainLocated in the little village of Maro, it is known for its clear water and spectacular natural surroundings and vegetation. The length of the beach is 500 meters approximately. For scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, this small and charming beach is the perfect spot.

Playa de Burriana/ Burriana Beach

Best Beaches in Costa del Sol

Out of all the beaches in Nerja, Burriana is loved by many. It is considered one of the best beaches in Malaga town. The beautiful 800-meter stretch of the beach makes it a perfect destination for your escape. It also offers a variety of adventurous water sports activities. The beach also provides sunbath rentals. It is a paradise with all the services and is also very popular among tourists.

Playa Torreblanca/ Carvajal Beach, Fuengirola

carvajal beach

Carvajal is an ideal choice if you’re planning a family vacation to the beach. It is one of the best and also one of the busier beaches in Costa del Sol. Located on the border of Fuengirola, Carvajal is absolutely fantastic. Crystal clear water, pristine clean sands, a peaceful environment, and plenty of sunbeds make it an ideal spot for a vacation. A little away from the city center, but Carvajal is worth a visit. Here you will find a row of both national and international cuisine.

Bounty Beach

bounty beach

Bounty beach is another paradise in Spain, which is a perfect destination for a vacation. Officially known as Playa del Cable, the beach is about 1300 metros long. Just pack your bags and visit this magnificent place. It is the best spot for all the party poppers. Golden sand, relaxed atmosphere, palm trees, and chill music make it a great place to visit, especially in summer. You’ll find plenty of restaurants next to the beach.

Playa del Faro/ El Faro Beach

el faro beach

El Faro beach is the central spot, which is why it is one of the busiest as well. It is not the biggest beach in Marbella. But there are endless activities that make it a perfect place for a visit. Named after a lighthouse, the beach is ideal for people who are in the mood for luxury shopping. The beach is only 200 meters in length. However, the wide array of luxurious stores, seashore restaurants, and wonderful ice cream parlors will keep you busy.

Best Beaches in Costa del Sel

If you’re planning a trip to Costa del Sol anytime soon, consider visiting these beaches for a mesmerizing vacation. It is a great destination for a vacation all year round. Make the best of your summers and explore the serene and vibrant beaches of Costa del Sol.

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