Beach Bag Essentials: Things to Pack for a Beach Visit

Summers are the best time to plan a trip with friends or family to the beach and enjoy vacations. Beaches have always been the popular and favorite destinations of many of us. The places near them are comparatively cooler and are a great escape from the scorching heat. But summers are also the times when we need to be extra careful while traveling and visiting places. Sunburn, tan, and heat stroke are some very common health concerns that may end up spoiling your vacation. So, while you plan the trip and look out for the places to stay and the conveyance, don’t forget the other most important part of the trip. Your beach bag essentials.

Things to pack for a beach visit may vary from food items to lotions to clothes and may also vary depending on the age of visitors. But don’t worry, we are here with the list of things to pack for a beach visit for you so you can spend the day relaxed and carefree.

Beach bag essentials: Protect your skin

A high SPF Sunscreen

Whenever out in the sun, the application of sunscreen on the exposed body parts is non-negotiable. We all know the benefits of sunscreen lotion and if it is high in SPF then better for you. You can enjoy the day without worrying about the tan and the UV rays’ harmful effect. Take it as your friend for the beach that you just can’t do without.

Polarized Sunglasses

Good quality sunglasses are a must in the beach bag essentials. They protect your eyes from harsh water glare and sun rays in the afternoon hours. You can even get yourself customized sunglasses and level up your fashion game. Remember to check out some aspects like the color, UV protection, and size while buying one. 

An oversized beach Hat

This comes to save the day when you are not the one that just sits and enjoys the breeze on the beach. If you want to get soaked in water or sun or lay down or run or play, an oversized hat will save your hair from damage by the sun. While a wide-brimmed beach hat can be your best bet for the beach, you can also go for a baseball cap if have long hair. The cowboy-style sun hat will also work. 

A vintage beach umbrella

How satisfying it is to find a good spot on the beach and rest their whole day? We get you. But to ensure that you stay on the spot the whole day you’ll need an umbrella. It is part of your sun protection gear and saves you from the next day’s hangover of sun. just position the umbrella in the sand and build the mountain around the base. Also, remember to keep changing the position of the umbrella as the sun follows its path.

An SPF Lip balm

Whether enjoying the sea waves or taking a sun bath or just laying under an umbrella, lip balm is a must to include in your beach essentials. Constant sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation on and around the lips and even can make them dry. Also, the salty water of the sea may leave you with chapped lips. Lip balm comes here for the rescue. It keeps your lips moisturized and shields them from harmful UV rays of the sun, all this in style.

Beach essentials: Basic things to keep

Every place demands certain items specific to that place to make the visit more enriching. And the beach is a place that has its checklist to fulfill. Here are the things you can’t miss:

An XL size waterproof Tote bag 

This will ensure to keep your food items and clothes are safe from dust and water.  Also, you can carry this very easily from the beach to your staying place. It comes in handy while filling up things at the last moment and you don’t need to worry about chains.

Lockable safe

A lockable safe will let you enjoy a worry-free time in the sea. You can keep your phone, cash, cards, or other valuables like small jewelry that you might forget to remove before coming to the beach. 


Sand on the beach is not friends with shoes. And it’s only the slippers or flip-flops that will ease your movement around the beach. They are cheap, easy to use, and let your feet breathe. It also prevents them from being sweaty, and removing dust or water from them is very easy.

A beach mat

Going to the beach and can’t remember what things to take. Just start with keeping a beach mat. A waterproof one will be the cherry on top. A foldable beach mat will protect you and your valuables from sand and dirt and will be easy to carry. You can lie down or eat on it. Or even play games with friends and family. 

Beach towel

Now, this must not be confused with daily use towels. Beach towels are thinner and larger, specially made to dry sooner. These can even be used as beach blankets if you forget to keep mats. They come in beautiful patterns and colors and can add color to your photographs.

Sturdy stand coasters

These are generally in the turtle hump shape and keep your glasses safe from clingy sand. You can even use them to keep your keys, earrings, phones, and other small items that you don’t want to misplace. 

Portable power bank

Planning to spend the whole day at the beach? Even if you have fully charged your phone, its battery will get drained till the afternoon by clicking photos, listening to music, and sending snaps. Carry a fully recharged power bank to ensure you don’t run out of battery. 

Waterproof Handbag

To keep your phones, headphones, power bank, and other electronic devices safe from water and sand, put them all in a waterproof handbag. You can keep this bag in your tote bag for ease in carrying it.

Beach chair

A beach chair is a great item to take along while visiting the beach. It will save you from backache and allow you to have a relaxing time. While buying one remember to look out that it is lightweight and has a pouch for keeping drink and food items, is portable, and most important guarantees durability.


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